25 November 2008

The Wonders of Wikipedia

Wikipedia often gets looked down upon in academia. It is seen as a place where know-it-alls and those with nothing better to do make up stories. We were looking at the article on the VOSJ yesterday and noticed some very nice material. Most especially, we were impressed by the images available on Wikipedia. If you follow this link, you will see many nice images. Most of them look to be either in the public domain, or available by some free licence or another. We were very fond of the image below, which shows the VOSJ's prelate and zooms in on his unique insignia. It turns out that Wikipedia is good for something after all.


Me said...

Is it the miter that makes it unique?


ghp said...

Yes. Per The St. John (Order)
Regulations 2003, Appendix II, Para 5 (p. 35), viz.:
(iv) The Prelate has his Badge as Bailiff Grand Cross surmounted by a representation of a Mitre in gold.