22 November 2008

Follow-Up on SJA Logo

One of our readers (or possibly, our one reader) posted a comment a couple of days ago regarding the newly designed logo of the St John Ambulance. You can see the rationale behind the change here. One thing that is not mentioned on that page is the disappearance of the lions and unicorns from the principle angles of the Order's cross. We have been asking around, but have not yet heard any official word on the subject, but we'd speculate that it is part of a national (and possibly worldwide) trend of getting rid of all things historical and replacing them with the work of graphic designers. We'll be sure to let you know as we find out more.


ghp said...

VOSJ Source,

I assure you that I am not your sole reader .... I passed your blogsite on to the three Confrers whom I know; that makes FOUR readers!

The "rationale" provided by St. John Ambulance is unconvincing: "...Research carried out by Opinion Leader Research and independent consultants revealed that many people showed limited awareness of St John Ambulance's many services and the fact that they are often at the heart of pre-hospital care. The charity has invested in its charitable work over the last five years and the new visual style is designed to make it easier for people to recognise and understand the organisation...."

I fail to understand how the Malta Cross / St. John's Cross "neat" (**without** the Royal Supporters in the angles) "make[s] it easier for people to recognise and understand the organisation." If that were the true case, why not depict an ambulance silhouette?

Perhaps they meant to say that removing excess "clutter" makes the cross more prominent? If that is what they meant, then they have succeed in bringing the cross to the forefront. Now the design looks like SMOM or Johanniter "logo" (errr.... on black instead of red).

Was HM consulted? After all, the Supporters were granted to the organization (VOSJ) by Royal Warrant; no? Is it not rude and presumptuous to just make them disappear?

Regards from the San Francisco Bay Area!

VOSJ Source said...

It's nice to know that at least a few people are minding our blog. Your point about making the design easier to recognise is well-noted. If we ever do find someone that can answer our questions, we will use your points to form our case. Thank you very much.

Me said...

It does mook cleaner and less cluttered IMHO. This does of course make it look like the SMOM insignia, but they don't run ambulances in the UK, do they? It shouldn't be too confusing if the animals are kept on the official order's insignia, etc. This is just the ambulance service.