02 November 2008

New Lord Prior

It may have passed some by, but the VOSJ now has a new Lord Prior. On 5 June of this year, Eric Barry (the outgoing LP) and Anthony Mellows (the incoming LP) paid a visit to Kensington palace to be received by The Duke of Gloucester, our Grand Prior. The Englishman Mellows was assuming the appointment and the Canadian Barry was relinquishing it.

Just last week (28 October) HM the Queen, Sovereign Head of the VOSJ, received Professor Anthony Mellows upon his appointment as Lord Prior. Mellows has serviced as Vice Lord Prior for several years and seems to be sliding into his new role quite comfortable. We were able to find a photograph of the new Lord Prior in our extensive library. It was taken at the St John Eye Hospital's service of celebration and thanksgiving for the Order in May 2007. This was part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the hospital. The official installation will take place later this month, and we'll certainly keep you posted.

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