10 November 2008

American Investiture Service

This past weekend, the Order's Priory in the United States of America has its annual investiture weekend. The culminated with the actual service of investiture on 8 November. The event was held at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (also known as Washington National Cathedral) in Washington, D.C. We were not able to attend the ceremony because we were busy here in London, but it sounds like it was a splendid affair.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the installation of a new Prior for the Americans. Nick Drexel had served as Prior since the foundation of the Priory. This weekend, A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. was formally installed. In addition to this installation, the service was an opportunity for rededication and recongition of new appointments to and promotions within the Order.

If we are able to locate some pictures from the weekend, we will be sure to post them here. Those of you that are planning ahead, can attend the Priory's next investiture 6-8 November in the historic center of VOSJ activity in America--New York City.


Anonymous said...

I spoke with some friends who attended the investiture in Washington and were very impressed with the event.

They also reported that the speakers at the annual meeting provided a wealth of information on events in the Near East, an area of special concern for the US Priory, given their support for the eye hospital in Jerusalem.

Just found your blog today, keep up the good work!

The Silent Knight

VOSJ Source said...

Thank you for the extra information. We're glad that our blog is proving enjoyable. Please spread the word to others if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I do have some questions for you, if one of you could contact me by email. Totally confidential, no names.

aaaaargh at msn dot com

VOSJ Source said...

We're not sure if this second "anonymous" is completely serious. Anyone can contact us with any questions they may have. Our e-mail address is clearly posted in our profile and we will gladly address any questions we get.

Anonymous said...

Email came back undeliverable...

My question is if investiture is necessary to move to the next grade, or even to enter as a serving brother/sister. Or does it commence immediately after publication in the London Gazette?

VOSJ Source said...

Oops...we seem to have made a mistake on our profile. Our correct e-mail address is now listed with the proper .co.uk suffix.

To answer your question, according to the Order of St John Regulations that were approved in 2003 (specifically PART SIX – HONOURS AND AWARDS, Regulation 28(2)), "If following admission or promotion a person cannot attend an investiture, the insignia may be presented to him separately."

Regulation 28(3) makes clear that "A person may wear the appropriate riband and miniature from the date of publication of notification of his admission to or promotion in the Order in the
London Gazette or such other official Gazette as the Grand Prior may specify." So even if one has not been officially invested, one is still a member of the Order at the Grade which they were gazetted. Presumably, they are entitled to all the benefits thereof.