24 November 2008

We Need Your Help

Today, we have a request for any of our readers that come from the priory of Canada. While trying to categorise out photograph library of VOSJ images, we came across this one. It is from a Canadian event that took place in Newfoundland a couple years ago. Based on the insignia that this gentlement is wearing, though, it looks as if he is from Ontario. If anyone can provide some information on this man, we would be very grateful. It's possible that he is a Lieutenant-Governor, and therefore a Vice Prior, in one of the provinces, but we're not sure. All guesses and suggestions are welcome.


Me said...

The trillium is definitely Ontario. The chain/collar looks like a Vice-Prior to me? Could be Bartleman--the most recent ex-lieutenant-governor of Ontario. Looking more closely, I think the trillium might be the insignia of the Order of Ontario. When was the photo taken?


VOSJ Source said...

We were also leaning toward Bartleman, as well. Looking at our records, it was taken in June 2007. This would have been within Mr Bartleman's tenure, so you are probably correct...or me is probably correct.