08 August 2009

Web Presence

One development in matters concerning the VOSJ that occured during our recent extended absence was the introduction of a new website for the Order's Priory in the United States of America. The web address is the same (http://saintjohn.org/), but the format and content have been greatly improved (as shown by the screenshot below).

The old website included very fancy Flash functionality, but was difficult to use. The new page is much more methodically laid out and all the information one could need is displayed clearly. There is even a section for Priory "Members Only," presumably to help confrères stay abreast of Order news. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the change is that the new American web presence fits in much more seemlessly with the international website of the Order at http://www.orderofstjohn.org/. This is certainly a positive development for our American confrères.

Pro Utilitate Hominum

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