02 August 2009

New Zealand News

A week ago, the Priory of New Zealand held its annual investiture service. One of the members promoted in the priory is also the recently appointed chancellor. Garry Wilson has begun his six year term in that post and also been made a knight of the Order.

The ceremony was presided over by Sir Anand Satyanand who, as Governor-General of New Zealand is also head of the Order's priory there.

Sir Anand welcomed Chancellor Wilson to his new role but noted that the job of a group devoted to health such as the VOSJ was more difficult today in the face of world problems such as the Swine Flu pandemic. He also made it clear that "St John is deeply involved with the Ministry of Health in helping to manage the response in the spread of the virus."

In addition to Mr Wilson's promotion to knight of the Order, four people were made commanders, sixteen people were made officers, and thirty-four were admitted as members of the order.

Pro Utilitate Hominum

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Harold Johnston said...

I take it that Sir Anand is wearing the insignia of some New Zealand national orders. Can anyone share what they are in addition to the VOSJ?