10 August 2009

American Committees

Keeping up with our American theme, we've received word (though, admittedly a bit late) that the VOSJ's Priory in the United States of America has now appointed regional committee chairs in several metropolitan areas around the country. These regional committees had been approved by the Priory's board of governers earlier in the year, but the chairs in each region were appointed this June by the prior, Marshall Acuff.

There are now official representatives of the VOSJ stationed in Atlanta, Charleston/Savannah, Connecticut, Dallas, New York, St Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, and the Washington, DC area. In our opinion, this is a most welcome development. It accompanies the recent move of the Priory offices to Washington, DC in giving the Order's work in the United States a more organized, national feel. In a Priory that has no St John Ambulance presence, it is very difficult to maintain visibility among average Americans. With this move towards greater organization and mobility, it may be possible to increase the membership (it currently stands at about 1,100 confrères) and the support to the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.
Pro Utilitate Hominum

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