05 December 2008

Changing Focus

We were looking at the website of the Priory in the United States of American yesterday and saw that the Priory has finally completed its relocation to a new location. The Priory's historical center has been in New York City since the formation of the American Society of the VOSJ in 1958. The first American investiture service took place at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York on 6 January 1960. This year, the Priory offices have moved to a truly national headquarters--Washington, D.C. This fit very well with the most recent American investiture service held in the same city and also is convenient for the new Prior, who resides in Virginia instead of New York.


Me said...

The American Priory's website is kind of defective. Many of the links don't work...and those that do date to 2004.


VOSJ Source said...

At the American Priory's annual meeting last month, a presentation was made outlining a redesign of the website. We've heard that early next year, it should be in much better shape.